Shake it Maggie is the third album from the New Jersey power pop group SOMERDALE. On this release, the band combines the introspective songwriting of Badfinger, the frenetic energy of The Who, the gorgeous harmonies of The Beatles and the quirky playfulness of Fountains of Wayne and ends up with what you might expect - a very fun, very catchy, slice of well-crafted 70s-tinged pop music.

Praise for Somerdale's previous releases:
Right away you get the feeling SOMERDALE spent a lot of time with old school power pop and rock records... The opening track "That's Over Now" sounds like it fell off a classic Raspberries album. You gotta love the beautiful opening chords and harmonies on "Sugar Valley, CA" as the chorus recalls The Byrds and Sloan. The guitar gets even heavier on "We Are All Together". It brings to mind KISS minus the makeup and with an even catchier chorus.
-Aaron Kupferberg/Powerpopaholic.com

Suggested Tracks for Airplay:
10) The Coolest Kid in the Room
5) Bigger Than the Universe
4) Shake it Maggie
7) Feel the Magic

Band Members:
James Caputo - vocals and guitars
JJ Fennimore - drums and backing vocals
Chuck Penza - vocals, bass guitar and keyboards

Contact Info:
254 Messina Avenue
Hammonton, NJ 08037